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Hand made dice and accompanying box

Created in 2019

I grew up playing Dungeons and Dragons, and that came and the tabletop community as a whole still play a major part in my life. Tabletop RPGS (role playing games) are a fantastic medium for community storytelling, critical world building, and exploration into cultures and traditions. To the players, these games lend a safe space to engage different narratives and ask deeper questions and find real world answers buried in the fiction. 


Often overlooked is the connections players form with their fictional characters; in these worlds, you really can be anyone you want to be. I find it beautiful to bring the fictional into the physical, which is what dice makers across the globe try to do by evoking a character in a small resin cast polyhedral shell. Dice, four sided to twenty sided, add to your narrative and indicate the level of success on an unknown outcome. 

These dice, for His Majesty of the Great Tree, were cast entirely from scratch from the mold to the final product. Gold flakes and flowers allude to opulence and the beauty of nature, where the iridescent shards of purple and white add a whimsical view of what a faerie’s wings may look like. The numbers are painstaking painted on with a toothpick, and then sealed with a clear lacquer. These are the first sets of many more to come, each to tell their own story and bring a new character to life. 

I also made a box for carrying and storing the dice. Fourteen holes align for the dice to sit in, with just enough of a lip to grab the dice with your fingers. A lid (not pictured) fits over the dice and aligns with the hole placement to keep the dice from falling out of place in travel. The lid of the box doubles as an area to roll the dice on a safe, EVA foam surface. The lid and base of the box are equal size so it may sit flush on a table during play. Leather straps provide a rustic look, while an butterfly latch ties back themes to the a fae realm. 

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