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In Summer of 2020, I worked as a design intern at Sirohi, a small furniture business in India with a mission to empower women and promote sustainable materials. Over 200 women across Northern India work to weave traditional and vibrant designs around rudimentary wood and metal frameworks to create striking furniture. I was brought on as an intern to design a unique line of products for the "urban nomad" that would allow the weaving to be the focal point. The two products that I designed, the Accordion Chair and the Folding Rope Desk, are currently being produced and both play with clever rope-based mechanisms on a simple metal frame. From communication with the weaving artisans to creating drawings for a welder, I learned to overcome a language barrier and understand what furniture design looked like beyond the Western ideal.

See Sirohi's full collection here

See my designer profile (WIP) here

Project timeline:

Products in production

Chair Render.png
folding desk render.png
Folding Desk Render folded.png
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