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Transistor Sword

Cosplay from the video game, Transistor

Created in 2018

Materials: 36"x60"x.093" plexiglass Acrylic, 0.25" dowel rod pins, iDye Poly in teal, foam board, paper clay, magnets, black worbla, spray paints, red car headlight, LED strip, LED strip connectors, 12V battery packs, silver sharpie (for detailing), clear U-brackets, 6/32 screws


Tools: Heat gun, laser cutter, drill, saw, oven, Form 2 printer...created almost entirely in a small college apartment


I started out with a CAD model to scale dimensions to my body size, and broke the model down into files for laser cutting (breaking the sword into two pieces for ease of traveling). I dyed the cut acrylic and held its shape with a combination of epoxy and 3D printed clear brackets. LEDs were placed to line the inside, with the controls and power source hidden under a detachable panel of the sword hilt.

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